About Us

Every day, millions of people take supplements and drink water. At the same time, millions more forget their vitamin supplements at home, and end up not taking them.

I was one of them.

When I was 26, I was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy, and I was on a strict regimen of Omega3 supplements. But as a family man with young children and a career, I was pulled in every direction, and every so often, I found myself away from home, off to my next obligation—forgetting to take my Omega3 supplement.

I’d have to ask myself: Do I punish my wallet and get another bottle at the pharmacy? Do I head back home and lose time at work? Do I skip my supplements and risk my health? The truth is, this is a problem no one should have to face—especially for anyone who cares about their health.

That’s why I created Water+ Supplements—to empower people everywhere with a low-cost supplement solution they can carry with them everywhere. Water+ Supplements comes with an embedded, seal-protected, pharmaceutical-grade blister—so you can take a single supplement, put it in the blister, and take it at any time of the day, anywhere, whenever you need it.

You can even use the Water+ Supplements with the fizz tablet in the blister if you want a drink that’s more exciting and fun than water, without chemicals or sugar. Most companies have products with low vitamin dosages and tons of sugar to make your body crave more, and buy more—and the less healthy we become. At Water+ Supplements, we travel the world to find the best formulated supplements, so people can live healthier lives.

Stay hydrated, save money, and preserve the integrity of your health—with Water+ Supplements.

Simon El Alj

Founder and CEO Water Plus Supplements Inc.


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